“Family” Mexican style

“Family” Mexican style UGX 175.900 mixed grill and roast of chicken,beef,Goat, sausages of beef and chicken and vegetables -To be shared, Min 4 people. Side saladsnwith choice of Belgian fries or potato wedges.


“Family" UGX 170.000 Cuban-style roasted glazed pork leg platter – “to be shared, Min 4 people” side salad,Belgian fries or wedges.

Double Brunch smash burger

Double Brunch smash burger UGX 45.500 Double Ankole cow beef patty or double free range chicken patty, cheddar, lettuce, grilled tomatoes and onion, with either fries or wedges.

Mixed baked pasta

Mixed baked pasta UGX 45.900 penne, chicken sausages, Swedish style beef meat balls in mushroom sauce

Oven baked Greek goat ribs

Oven baked Greek goat ribs UGX 49.000 served with choice of sautéed kale, roasted potatoes or Belgian fries